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Standard and Requirements of HBUE Scholarship

I. International Students Scholarship of Hubei University of Economics:

1. Special Scholarship:5000 Yuan,for graduates each year; First Level scholarship: 5000 Yuan/Person/Year, Second Level scholarship: 3000 Yuan/Person/Year; Third Level scholarship: 1000 Yuan/Person/Year.

2. Friendship Scholarship: 500 Yuan/Person/First Academic Year.

II. Application Time: The university accepts applications for Special Scholarship in May every year. Other Scholarships should be applied in October every year.

III. Basic Requirements for Applications of International Students Scholarship of Hubei University of Economics:

1. The applicant shall have foreign nationalities with valid foreign passport, and be friendly to China.

2. The applicant shall have excellent academic results, law abiding behavior. No reverse record such as violation of regulations, rules and other misbehavior is accepted.

3. The applicant shall have the corresponding Chinese level and provide relevant certificates, such as HSK certificate and other Chinese language learning and examination certificates. The requirements can be relaxed appropriately for the partial specialties that are taught in English.

4. The applicant must study in our university for more than one year and pay off all the fees payable in one academic year.

IV. Application Materials:

1. Application Form for International Students Scholarship of Hubei University of Economics.

2. Photocopy of personal passport (main page)

3. Transcript for the academic year.

4. Honor Certificate or Certificate of Award issued for the social practice activities participated in this academic year.